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Cahiers du Centre de Logique, vol. 9


A. PÉTRY (éd.), Méthodes et analyse non-standard
volume 9 of the Cahiers du Centre de logique, Academia, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), 1996, 168 pp.
ISBN 2-87209-440-7, 980 BEF

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This volume is essentially devoted to Nonstandard Analysis. The aspects considered here are the most varied.

Mawhin considers several kinds of integrals from a nonstandard perspective. Ortiz develops the idea of 'approximate truth' for Banach spaces. The differential equations are presented by Perrin in a finitistic and very economical fashion. Nonstandard Analysis has a constructive aspect as well, this point of view is investigated by Palmgren. From the example of Gromov's theorem, Wantiez looks at the algebraic applications. The pedagogic aspect is not neglected, a concrete and motivated introduction to the hypernatural numbers is given by Gilbert and Rouche.

Table of contents



cahier9 p. 4 cover

Mawhin, J.

Intégration et analyse non standard


Ortiz, C. E.

Approximate Truth and Nonstandard Analysis


Feneyrol-Perrin, Y.

Résolution d'équations différentielles par les méthodes infinitésimales


Palmgren, E.

Constructive Nonstandard Analysis


Gilbert, Th. Rouche, N.

Y a-t-il vraiment autant de nombres pairs que de naturels ?


Wantiez, P.

Limites d'espaces métriques et ultraproduits








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